Ideas to decorate using the yellow color

The yellow is a very vivid color, strong, happy, that evokes the sun that we like to enjoy. Do you dare to decorate using this key? The first thing to keep in mind is that being an intense color can become saturated if we overuse it, although there are other variants in pastel tones that may be more bearable. In any case, you yourself must find the balance so that the decoration is very special without you getting tired of it. Today we will see some thoughts to get it. You’ll see what energy it transmits.

yellow color
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Combined with other colors

If you dare to introduce the yellow in your decoration, you can do it in several ways. One of them is combined with other tones. If you do it with the white sure you guess right. It also looks great with black, because it contrasts a lot, and you can also add touches of blue or purple, which are complementary colors.

Small details in yellow

If you like yellow but do not want to spend putting too many elements in this color you can do it with small decorative elements that add strokes in this hue but without saturating the space with too much color. Is very cheerful and very beautiful and elegant on a background in white, black or gray. Do it with flowers, cushions or a picture, for example.

yellow color
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Yellow furniture

For the more daring, another idea is to bet on yellow furniture. Surely, they become the center of all eyes! You can put a sofa, a rug, puff, dresser or lamp. If you leave the white walls will contrast a lot and you can design a room of the most cheerful. The yellow transmits positivity and is a very bright color.

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Yellow kitchen

Stay where you can be very beautiful yellow color is in the kitchen. It will give you a different touch if you know how to use it well. To do this, I suggest you put closets in this color, in its most mild neutral to avoid saturating too visually tone, and combine with a floor and light walls, to make it bright and welcoming . Add a touch of another matching color, such as purple flowers or a blue-toned box. And if you put the furniture seems too much, choose to put some yellow carpet or paint one of the walls.

yellow color
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Yellow walls

Because another idea that I propose today is to bring the yellow to the walls of your house. As I often recommend whenever we talk to paint the walls any color, it is better to opt for doing only one of them, to create a nice visual contrast and effect with the white balance as you leave all yellow, for very clearly that It can be a bit overwhelming. If you are encouraged and the stay is great, a strong yellow will also create a churlish effect.


Another way to use yellow is through textiles. We have already seen that you can put a cushion on a neutral sofa for contrast and takes all the attention, but what do you think use in the curtains ? Leave the rest of the decoration blank and you’ll see what a nice effect you can create.

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